Designed For More book is based on a natural phenomena called a Murmuration.

It is a massive gathering of starlings: one of nature's most incredible phenomena with 100,000 or more birds flocking and flying in beautiful symmetry. With the sky as their canvas, the starlings produce art in motion, consistently avoiding collisions as the waves of their movements caress the clouds. These special formations occur only in a few locations throughout the world, leaving their audiences breathless.

So why do these formations occur? And how are they possible? Recent science and video technology have been able to study Murmurations in new ways, revealing the why and the how. The implications are groundbreaking.


It's More Like Physics, Not Biology...

In the Murmuration, the birds transition from being more than just individuals into something entirely new. Scientists actually compare this more to transition physics rather than biology. Like the point at which water becomes vapor, or metal becomes a magnet, a new entity emerges in the Murmuration when the starlings follow a core set of behaviors


The Murmurations form as a response to a predator in their area. The starlings gather under a common strategy, not only to show their strength in numbers, but also because the Murmuration gives them the ability to reach speeds and reaction times that would otherwise be impossible. The key is that they have identified the proper enemy rather than competing with one another. In fact, the more fierce the attack, the more beautiful the formation becomes.


Studies show that starlings in a Murmuration reach staggering reaction times - over twice as fast as reaction times outside the formation. To accomplish this feat, they remain extremely aware of their surrounding birds. In relationship with one another, they respond appropriately and efficiently to the movements of others. Their relationships coupled with their common strategy create a dynamic energy, allowing for the Murmuration to emerge.